Youth in Action

Your and our involvement and participation  are important!

Do you want to help make a difference in the lives of others?

Whether we are energetic or outgoing or not we all have feeling that in some extent we can make changes in the lives of others or ourselves. This happens when we volunteer our time and resources to make our world a better one for all.

Do you want to get involved with non-governmental ( non-profit) organization?

If you answer yes, then NDO needs you!  We have an immediate need for volunteers to assist us with the tasks and events that will meet our vision and mission in term of the achievement.

If you are someone and/or youth person who interested in making a difference in the world then NDO fit to your interest.

Join Ngaathaje Development Organization (NDO), again NDO is about sustainability of  education, health, and economic opportunities, and our current activities are focused in South Sudan. To achieve our goals means we must volunteer our time, energy and resources while building a strong grassroots organization and leadership approach.

Here are some ways you can get involved and you could do :

·   Hold a bake sale to spread awareness at your home, neighborhood, school, church, and community to benefit NDO:
Each item that is sold could have a label attached to it with some important statistics and facts about the world problems; for example thousands and millions of people lack access to education, health or health care, especially clean water.

·   Hold a fund-raising event in your home, school, youth group, community, church, or sorority or fraternity. Events can include yard sales, read-a-thons, and benefit concerts and more!

·   You can represent NDO

·       Out reach efforts,  and spread the word

·      Talk to your family, friends at the school, church, and community

·      Campaign and create awareness

·      Speak and share stories about the issues of education, health, hunger, and poverty

·      fundraising ideas

·    Workshops

·   Hold events for NDO

·    Educate others about these issues
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