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Upcoming NDO Trip

Started April 12 onward

$1 Per Auroria Student/faculty Campaign

This campaign will aim to fundraise just that: $1 from each student (as well as faculty member) on Auraria campus; about 40,000 + all together! Tuesday and Thursday April 12th and 14th NDO will be working to raise money and awareness for South Sudanese. feel that if we contact enough people on campus we can really be successful in fundraising.  This is our first such campaign, and we certainly need ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! Learn how more about getting involved or donate now online.

Upcoming NDO TripTo southeastern Sudan

This trip is in the Fall or winter -((November/December 2011)

The NDO team is now preparing to send delegation team to the southeastern region of South Sudan in the Fall/Winter specifically November/December 2011 not only to determine how we can most effectively serve the South Sudanese. Everyone is welcome to join us but the trip is set up only 11 people total or at least minimum because of other challenges we might face in terms of lack of infrastructures and civil development ( i.e. there is no housing in the area or village we are targeting).

The goals or the objectives of this trip are following tasks and activities:

·      Deliver education immediate needs such as school supplies/materials and other educational resources

·        Deliver health or health care needs such as insect repellents/sprays ( mosquito prevention) and water purifiers/purification (clean water)

·         First aid specifically health or health care supplies

·         Meets with returned refugees and the local communities ( leaders, activists, youths, women and elders)

·        Host training workshops, seminars and conferences ( recruit people who have have educational and health care backgrounds)

·     Host training workshops, seminars, training (water purifier training, water protection, first aid, etc)

·     Set up base in Juba and other areas in southeastern Sudan ( Wanding, Nasir/Malakal) as well meet with government institutions, and international NGOs such as UN, Red Cross, UNICEF, and etc

·    Assess the costs to construct a school including materials and labor for construction, maintenance, curricular, and instructional

·    Where, how to purchase materials and supplies for both education and medical materials

·    Particulars of housing needs

·     Starts up to construct facilities

NDO is now raising funds for these purposes, particularly school supplies and materials as well as health care. So we are currently working to raise $16,000-$19k for this trip, particular November -December 2011-February 2012.  Learn how you can help or donate now.

NDO plans to begin establishing a school and healthcare facility in Wanding located in southeastern in  the Upper Nile State of Southern Sudan. We are now start to work on logistics and preparation for the Winter, particularly November -Decemeber 2011-February 2012 and when we are on the ground, we will start with the immediate needs or goals as stated the above ( i.e. workshops, trainings seminars and conferences on education and health or health care and perhaps economic pillars in Wanding southeast Sudan).

Also, if some people feel not to go direct to Wanding so they will  still have opportuntiy to do other tasks on the ground in southern Sudan on the behalf of NDO . Places like Malakal, Juba, Nasir but we recommend everyone who is going to traveled with us at least to go to direct to Wanding  Payam ( village/district) . Please
see Wanding on the map

Again, the objective of November-December Trip is to meet and host training workshops, seminars, and conferences with refugee returnees and local people and then we will lead toward to establishing a school and healthcare foundations as well as to set up bases and networks with local communities, governments, and NGOs and INGOs. This Trip also will give us opportunities to interact and know the community which we are helping as well we will begin to examine the healthcare and economic pillars since NDO as a whole decided to start with education but the same time we are carry healthcare as our second pillar.

In fact, everyone interested to make the world and to assist people of southern Sudan, please join us  and you are very welcome to travel in southeastern Sudan with us. This is without going to be life experience for all of us whether you traveled oversea countries before or not, we can almost guarantee that you will love it even though there might challenges regarding lack of housings and other basic necessities. But we have to be aware these things were not born with us there are built by us so we can do this!

Learn how you can get involved.

Ndo fundraising efforts

NDO is currently brainstorming more fundraising ideas, and any thoughts about fundraisers are  welcome.  We will soon be selling t-shirts, hats, buttons, stickers in addition to holding more fundraising events.  Please contact us with any ideas you may have.


Please let us know if your ideas and plans and how we can support:


Juanis Lual (720) 226-1847       

Nathan Wannlund ( 949)280-2650

Shirley Moore (970) 379-6426

Danny McCarthy ( 303) 960-8818

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