Four generations of Southern Sudanese had had gone without education due to the civil wars and instability meaning there never and are still no existing learning and school facilities in most areas and regions in the South Sudan. There are very few schools exist in the greater Upper Nile Regions in the South Sudan but they do not even closely resemble an effective learning environment.

Currently the conditions in South Sudan are alarming due to the civil wars, conflicts, especially recent internal conflict that was interrupted in 2013- August 2015.This has resulted in hardship, devastation, struggle, and the suffering of the people in the greater Upper Nile Regions (e.g. Eastern Upper Nile such as Wanding, Nasir, Malakal, Pagak, Western Upper Nile such as Bentui, Ler, and Jongeli such as Akobo, Bor).

These regions are far more devastated the southern region’s community infrastructure for social services, education, educational resources including lack of learning spaces and school facilities as well as educational hubs.

This led to the highest illiterate rates, over 80% of the local populations are illiterate, can't write and write nor have vocational education opportunities. Access to quality education has been major challenge in most areas and rural regions of South Sudan, so the vast majority of southern Sudanese are functionally illiterate.

Purpose:  to contribute to the development of a self-sustaining education system that adequately serves the Sudanese community and beyond initially beginning with southeastern region.

Vision: To see the people of Sudan inspired, empowered, and literate through access to schooling.

Mission: To facilitate the development and growth of an education system that enables everyone to have access to diverse educational opportunities.

NDO plans to provide educational services, resources, and programs thats will contribute to the community development of a self-sustaining educational system that adequately serves begins in southeast South Sudan region (e.g. Wanding, Burebiiy, Nasir, Malakal)'s vulnerable residents and displaced returning refugees. We will replicate and expand our services and programs to other areas and regions, providing access for everyone to diverse educational opportunities.

Specifically, NDO plans:

  • Provide educational services and resources for non-existing school facilities initially starts in southeast South Sudan
  • Establish a school and a community resource center for local people ( teach, train, workshop, conference, seminars)
  • Create opportunities for developing leadership skills leading to sustainable self-reliance programs
  • Arrange opportunities such as host training for conferences, seminars, and workshops as  our initial activities.

NDO plans to construct learning spaces/facilities and centers will help to foster civic culture, raise awareness, and other basic services for people to organize and implement their dreams. "Train the Trainer" Model. NDO will identify a core team of teachers, staff, and administrators in the southeast as an initial region of South Sudan, who will develop curriculum, teach classroom and outside classroom management skills, and provide professional development skill-sets.
We plan to replicate and expand our services, activities, and programs to other areas and regions in the South and beyond.

Now we're raising money for educational services and resources specifically buymedium tents to be used for classes and/or temporary shelters that will be used for classes for primary school aged children. The whole idea is that we want to put a temporary school together even if it will be outside and held in the tents or temporary container shelters for the children who are sitting at homes doing nothing because they have no access to education or schooling.

Your generous donation will make huge difference to the vulnerable location populations and devastated displaced returnee refugees in southeastern S. Sudan.

Thank you, hope you'll understand our urgency and become our supporter!

NDO all help and supports are needed, especially funds,
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NDO mailing: 2840 Champa St, Denver, CO 80231
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