Currently the conditions in South Sudan are alarming due to the civil wars, conflicts, especially recent  internal conflict that was interrupted in 2013-2015.This has resulted in hardship, devastation, struggle, and the suffering of the people in the greater Upper Nile Regions, have led to the lack of services, no jobs, food insecurity, economic instability and lack of jobs.

The second Sudanese civil war, especially recent internal conflict [2012-2015] civil war has created more suffering that led to the lack of services, food insecurity, economic instability and lack of jobs. For example, over 90% unemployment because no jobs are available resulting most children and adults experiencing starvation and malnourishment, lacking basic services which is leading to extreme poverty.

As described about the challenges and issues that most communities in South Sudan face, the devastated regions are greater Upper Nile Areas. A community like Eastern Upper Nile such as Wanding, Nasir, Burebiiy, Malakal and its near areas currently need and want almost everything a modern city or town would need to survive and thrive. Without basic infrastructure services, life in the community is difficult. When the community could get access to food, transportation, networking services, and telcommunication then that community is developing itself.  Also, they will need to have modern agricultural machines like tractors and grind millet.

Building viable educational and healthcare systems are primary components of the economic development of the Wanding region, but there are other areas NDO plans to undertake in order for the region to become more sustainable.

 Write narrative These include:

·         communication systems

·         transportation systems: roads as well as forms of transportation services, such as mass transits and vehicles .

·         farm implements such as  tractors and machines such as grind millet

·         training and development of agricultural farms

·         Empowering local Farmers, youth and communities through agro forestry

·         Start-up agricultural farming and food production of various vegetables production leading to nutritional security and energy conservation. Common crops include sorghum, corn, millet, rice, beans, okra, tomato, sweet potato, yam, and mango

·         NDO supports the provision of quality and sustainable basic livelihoods, specifically entrepreneurship or micro-businesses,

·         support agricultural farming projects to reduce hunger and food security, general economic initiative

 Increased awareness about critical economic sustainable or empowerment and other emphasizes that related with food stability.

·         We are planning to construct Vocational/technical centers for all ages skills learners (develops skills and competencies include “community/village” savings,  financial planning and programs which will provide trainings,  loans and business training for individuals and groups/families and young or old entrepreneurs minded set) and/or micro-businesses, savings and investment groups (S& I), value chain groups or organizations, cooperatives, etc

NDO supports the provision of quality and sustainable basic livelihoods, specifically reduce hunger, starvation or food insecurity, educational entrepreneur ships or micro-businesses and general economic initiatives as well increase awareness about critical economic sustainable or empowerment and other emphasizes that related with develop food securities, services, and job creation stability.

NDO currently raising money for trying to provide services and opportunities for both vulnerable local populations and displaced returning refugees in the southeast South Sudan.
Specific services and projects that we are raising funds A) help displaced returning refugees who already returned to their homes in the last several months with food ( sack of sorghum, corn, millet), agricultural farming acquire tools for families and local farmers

B) establishes transportation networking services, specifically 

Moving to Get the Job Done Project proposed transportation network services project. Its aim is to aid local populations and refugees in Gambella, western Ethiopia and southeastern South Sudan in meeting their basic needs to get to one place from another and (sometimes) back in time spans that dont create other emergencies.

We need your financial support as well as other in-kind supports,

Donations can be made online or sent to:
NDO mailing address: 2840 Champa St, Denver, CO USA 80231.
1 (720)226-1847

Thank you, hope you'll understand our urgency and become our supporter!

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