How NDO Will Bring Changes

Center of Change (Community Resources Center) 

NDO’s Centres of Change (Community Resources Centre (s))

This is all about building economics and community development.

NDO founders believe the best way to transform a community and beyond for the better is through sustainable and effective strategies toward development and uplift that community, not through financial handouts. 

To meet NDO’s vision, goals, and objectives, NDO has to be built as a right and strong grassroots organization foundation. This includes teaching, inspiring, empowering, and equipping people in all ages, genders, classes, and ethnic backgrounds with the tools to develop their communities to improve their daily lives. When local people get involved and participate in grassroots progressive process particularly projects and programs that improve their lives and community, change has the potential to be owed by the people whole working alongside significant community leaders and other stakeholders.

Our plan is to work together, with community leaders and local groups to identify and implement culturally relevant methods of building strong foundations for each pillar.  NDO will work to build awareness throughout the world about the situation in South Sudan and forge partnerships to bring resources to these development projects.

Additionally, Benefits to individuals include improved health, safety, food and water, sanitation, and education to the people of South Sudan.  Benefits to individuals will work both ways based on a simple approach of a person walking down the street who observes another person painting the house and saying "can I give you a hand"?

Our sole attitude and plan is to construct and build infrastructure begins with what we frame as Centre (s) of Change refers to Community Resources Centre (s) where the local people from all ages and walks of life will be able to use centre or centres for different purposes.  Building centres for learning and other means that will strength and empower people to be able to access as much as opportunities they can get is what we’re all about.  Our aim in building centres across many areas and regions in the country will be to educational programs, leadership, economic initiatives, health/healthcare awareness, financial literate, technology, energy, the list goes on toward completely building community, region, country, and beyond from ancient lifestyles to modern housing, building.

For example, the centre or centres (centers) will be used primarily for training, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, computer usages ( internet services, scanning, faxing, emailing, communication such as phone services both short and long distances).

Specifically the centre (s) we are planning to build  as Community Resources Centre (s) will be an epicenter where children, teens, young adults, youth or simply young and old which the community come together to learn skills whether through formal or informal education such as training for arts, crafts, cultural heritage, etc.

The activities and opportunities toward rebuilding lives and community development cannot be made reality without building capacity spaces such as centres in the community. Here are what the centres will do for the community:

-  Trainings
-  Workshops
-  Conferences, and
-  Forum events or programs.

-  Financial literacy
 Computer literacy
-  Education both oral and writing in (English and local languages) 
-  Vocational/technical skills, 
-  Business skills or literacy, 
-  Interning
-  Personal development
-  Leadership 
-  Health/sanitation

Your generous donation will make huge difference to the vulnerable location populations and devastated displaced returnee refugees in southeastern S. Sudan.

Thank you, hope you'll understand our urgency and become our supporter!

Should have questions or concerns, please feel fee to contact us either email or telephone via: or +1 (720)226-1847. Donations can be made online (see our pay pal) or
checks can be sent to
NDO mailing address: 2840 Champa St, Denver, CO USA 80205

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