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Pronounced "NAH-thuh-jay," the Ngaathaje Development Organization (NDO) is a nonprofit that partners with people of S. Sudan, southwestern Ethiopia, the U.S., and other groups locally and internationally to foster the peace, prosperity, community development, and self-reliance of the Sudanese people through basic services and opportunities(educational programs, transportation networking service projects, economics/micro-systems, start up agricultural farms, health awareness, water issue, and sanitation since 2009.

Each project will be delivered and implemented once at the time.

NDO was disbanded in early 2013 and reorganized until late July 2015 due to the unsafety purposes on the ground specifically recent internal civil war in South Sudan that was interupted in 2013 that has ravaged for two years. This recent civil war has lost thousands of lives as well as forced tens of thousands of people to the UN compounds and refugee camps both in the country and their neighboring countries.

Since late 2015, we've been reorganizing and trying to provide services and opportunities for local vulnerable populations and displaced returning refugees initially begin in Southeastern S. Sudan (e.g. Wanding, Burebiiy, Nasir, Pagak, Malakal). We plan to replicate and expand our services and programs to other areas and regions in the South Sudan.

Services, Activities, and Projects

Specific projects and activities that we are focusing now are basic services and opportunities related to daily living survivals, food, non-food items/resources, housing/shelter materials as well as agricultural farming acquire tools and transportation networking services. Also, we're welcome volunteers and supporters because humanitarian like this needs our hands and resources.

Its aim is to aid local populations and refugees in Gambella, western Ethiopia and SE Sudan in meeting their basic needs to get to one place from another and (sometimes) back in time spans that dont create other emergencies. 


NDO has made over five trips to the ground in South Sudan and western Ethiopia in the last five years to deliver and implement services and projects. Recently, NDO sent one of its representative (Juanis) to the ground where he spent two months in the late summer and early fall 2015 in the trans-border region surveying and interviewing refugees and local populations ( including those returning to their original villages in eastern South Sudan) to determine immediate basic needs.

We were informed overwhelmingly that all the people in this region needed basic, food, housing/shelter materials, acquire agricultural farming tools as well as, affordable transportation to meet everyday, urgent, and emergency needs.


Currently we're raising funds to create services and also to support local populations and displaced returned refugees in southwest Ethiopia and southeast Sudan for the following projects:
A) food and nonfood resources ( sack/bag of sorghum, corns, agricultural farming acquire tools and housing/shelter materials i.e. mosquito netting, tents, sleeping bags, etc) for displaced returning refugees who have returned to their native homes late 2015. 

Second project is Moving to Get the Job Done Project proposed transportation network services project. So we are raising and requesting funds for worthy cause projects toward rebuilding lives and community development begins in the southwest Gambella, Ethiopia and southeastern South Sudan ( Wanding, Burebiiy, Nasir, Pagak, etc).

Donations/funding will go toward buy food and non-food items, housing/shelter materials, agricultural farming acquire tools as well as will purchase vehicles, cars, boat (s) upon establish the transportation networking services for both local populations and refugees will be able to have moments meaning they can get to place from another place (s) because they will have access to transportation service.

The situations in southwestern Ethiopia and South Sudan are urgent. The need for funds is equally so, and your generosity is appreciated beyond words. Rarely does a small and large contributions make monumental difference in the life of another and vulnerable community. This is one of those opportunities. Please help us help our brothers and sisters in western Ethiopia and southeastern S. Sudan.

So we definitely need your financial support.and transportation network services specifically Moving to Get the Job Done Project as well as services and opportunities we intend to help our vulnerable brothers and sisters in South Sudan and southwest Ethiopia and beyond.

Your generous donation will make huge difference for the vulnerable location populations and devastated displaced returnee refugees in southeastern S. Sudan.

Thank you, hope you'll understand our urgency and become our supporter!

Should have questions or concerns, please feel fee to contact us either email or telephone via:
ndoss007@gmail.com or +1 (720)226-1847. Donations can be made online (see our pay pal) or
checks can be sent to
NDO mailing address: 2840 Champa St, Denver, CO USA 80205

I”, “hope” and “believe”

Pronounced "NAH-thuh-jay," the Ngaathaje is the one of the Sudanese languages spoke among the Nuer people which translated to English “I” “hope” and “believe”. It reflects the founder's beliefe in taking action and getting involved now rather than waiting for things to happen. It represents the individual (s)' attitude with which positive change begins when people move their feet by doing something now not six months or two years from now.

About NDO

Mission: Our mission is to efficiently facilitate the development of three primary pillars of a prosperous community: education, health and economic opportunities in Southern Sudan. In other words, NDO's mission is to foster the peace, prosperity, community development and self-reliance of the Sudanese people and beyond through ( educational programs, services, health, sanitation, economics, and transportation services).

Remember the world is yours, it is our to change it can you change it with us (NDO). Volunteers and supporters are sole of the NDO,
we'll appreciate your involvement and support!

Thanks

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